Our Statement

Golden Hosts changed ownership on 13th July 2018 due the owner having IP address issues that had been supplied to him for free. Once we took ownership we have worked as quickly as possible to restore services to all clients.

We will explain what we have found since taking ownership of Golden Hosts in simple points:
1)IP addresses used in the subnets of 1185.164.65.0, and has been supplied free by a company that no longer trades
2)Most software licenses has expired / been blocked due to none payment. The non payment license IP addresses had been blocked preventing us for instantly getting new licenses
3)OVZ (Open VZ) node vastly overloaded / oversold
4)Customer records not matching the servers / node accounts

What we have done so far

1)Deployed new IP addresses and servers, We are restoring clients access to VPS servers as customers contact us, we have also sent out emails requesting customers contact us to resolve matters quicker.
2)Migrated cPanel customers to new servers and provided the new IP address and DNS name servers to restore access to your websites
3)Migrated all OVZ customers to our new servers that include the Latest V6 Processors and Large amounts of DDOS Protection
4)Working on reuniting customers with their service management accounts

If you have any issues, please login to your billing account here Login

We only found the extent of the issues after taking ownership of Golden Hosts.

We understand this is a frustrating time, we are working as quickly as possible to resolve all issues.